Renter Need to Know

If you are renting in Canada currently, you may be facing some uncertainties about your future amid the COVID-19 pandemic - especially with the start of a new month on the horizon. Provincial governments are currently rolling out plans to help renters during this time:

British Columbia:The B.C. government has imposed a moratorium on residential evictions. In addition, they will be providing renters with up to $500 per month for the next four months to help you manage your rent payments. Premier John Horgan also announced a provincial freeze on rental increases during this time. Click hereto learn more about how B.C. is supporting renters.

Alberta: Alberta currently is considering a short term stay on eviction enforcement but no plan has been made as of yet.

Manitoba: Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister has post-poned all hearings for non-urgent matters to avoid evictions resulting from non-payment of rent. In addition, any rent increases scheduled to take effect on April 1 or later are being suspended.

Saskatchewan: No COVID-19 rental policies currently in place.

Ontario: Ontario has suspended eviction orders resulting from non-payment of rent until further notice. Further, plans are in development.

Quebec: Has suspended most eviction hearings amid COVID-19.

Nova Scotia: Has banned evictions resulting from non-payment of rent.

Prince Edward Island: Has banned evictions resulting from non-payment of rent.

Northwest Territories: Has banned evictions resulting from non-payment of rent.

Please Note: If you are currently struggling to make your rent payments due to job or income loss caused by COVID-19, there may be additional options available to you ( scroll down to Section 4: Additional Financial Measures for more information ).